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Gold Coast Window Cleaning
North Devon

Covering Barnstaple, Bideford, Braunton and Ilfracombe and North Devon
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Gold Coast Window Cleaning
Improve Your View
North Devon Window Cleaning
Dirty windows not only ruin the beautiful view outside, but it makes it hard to give your property the help it needs to thrive accordingly on the market. If you are looking to optimse your property, our North Devon window cleaning is just what you need to get the job started!
Covering North Devon
North Devon Window Cleaning Service
Gold Coast Window Cleaning
We cover all of North Devon from Hartland to Exmoor and everywhere in between.
Welcome to Gold Coast Window Cleaning – a professional friendly service covering North Devon.

If you look at your property’s windows, residential or commercial, and believe they need a good clean then give us a call!

With a dedicated approach to managing any window cleaning role in the area, we make your windows gleaming once again. We make sure you can get the help that you need to ensure the ideal look and feel shines through from the windows once and for all.

No longer do you need to put up with a streaky finish or a second layer of grime making your windows look cheap and average.
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Read the testimonials from happy Gold Coast Window Cleaning Customers
Gold Coast Window Cleaning Testimonials

Covering All of North Devon

As a local business that understands the importance of having a local North Devon window cleaner, we look to offer that local touch, too. You’ll probably have seen us around the place – so come and say hi if you do!

We are a local fixture, and love being part of the North Devon area. As well as dealing with North Devon as a whole, we are the most reliable window cleaners  in Barnstaple, Ilfracombe, Braunton and Bideford.

Let the Light Back In!

Everything we do is done with the intention of helping to improve your quality of living, regardless of where you are based. This means you can rely upon our North Devon window cleaning service to give your home that extra shine! 

We provide a wide range of North Devon window cleaning services, such as residential, industrial and commercial cleaning. We also provide a wide range of other useful services such as;
Gutter and cladding before a Gold Coast clean North Devon
Afetr Gutters, Fascias and Cladding Cleaning
Commercial & Industrial Window Cleaning
Gutters, Fascias & Cladding

Keeping your gutters clear is essential preventative maintenance for your property. Debris can build up in the gutters preventing the free flow of rainwater. This encourages moss to grow thereby causing further blockages.

Blocked gutters can cause rainwater to overflow on to the brickwork. Externally this can cause unsightly water staining of the brickwork, but more seriously can result in damage, internal leaks and damp problems.

I can safely and easily empty gutters and clean them to a perfect shine for you
Commercial & Industrial Premises

With our pure water pole system and full insurance Gold Coast Window Cleaning can keep your premises sparkling clean with minimal risk to you as a business.

We can carry out work at a time specified by you so as to not interfere with your work or operations.

We already clean car show rooms, nurseries and office blocks and our customers are always left happy and satisfied.

Read more about our Commercial & Industrial Window Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning
Conservatories & Greenhouse Window Cleaning
Solar Panels & Photovoltaic Cells

The more light that hits a solar panel, the more power it will generate. Due to the upwards angle of solar panels, they are more prone to bird droppings and a build-up of general dust and dirt that does not always wash off with just rain. This can significantly reduce the amount of light hitting the panel and reduces its output.

Energy figures claimed by solar panel manufacturers and installers are based on the optimum performance of clean solar panels, a build-up of dirt can adversely affect the panel’s ability to meet those projections so it is vital to clean solar panels in order to protect and maintain your investment.

Often your warranty will state that a yearly clean is required for it to remain valid.
Conservatories & Greenhouses

Cleaning conservatory roofs with ladders is an unnecessary risk. Ladders can damage the conservatory frames, and traditional window cleaners cannot safely reach all areas. Our pure water pole window cleaning equipment means we can thoroughly clean an entire conservatory without leaving the ground and with minimal risk.

Call us for a quote to get your conservatory sparkling again!
Reliable, Professional & Fully Insured
Gold Coast Window Cleaning
Your Local Friendly Service

North Devon Window Cleaning

If you need help with anything from making those windows shine to bringing your greenhouse back up to scratch, give us a call. Our team are local to the area, and can make sure you’ll be getting a solid and effective window cleaning service in North Devon regardless of what you need.
Gold Cost Window Cleaning
About Us
Gold Coast Window Cleaning is a Barnstaple based firm with a reputation for the highest standards and reliability - as a business or home owner, your concern will be about the appearance and maintenance of your property, and quite rightly so!

I understand that my work is judged on how good my customer's premises look, and as I am proud of my reputation I like to keep their premises looking spotless. 

Because I use poles & brushes I can reach any window with no risk of damage to lawns, flowerbeds, window sills and roofs, while giving you more privacy. Working from the ground with telescopic poles,I am safer and quicker than traditional window cleaners. However if a customer requests or sometimes on a first clean I will use the traditional method.

My self-contained pure water window cleaning system leaves your windows looking cleaner for longer, and as I use less detergents it's better for the environment too.

My name is David and I have been window cleaning since 2004. My window cleaning service is named Gold Coast to reflect the pride I have in our beautiful home, North Devon.

I am based in Barnstaple and I offer a friendly, reliable service across all of North Devon at excellent rates.

North Devon Window Cleaning
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Gold Coast Window Cleaning

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