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Environmentally Friendly Window Cleaning

Your Environmentally Friendly Window Cleaner

The environment both locally and globally is at the forefront of my mind when I am carrying out my window cleaning, that's why I have taken measures to reduce the impact of Gold Coast Window Cleaning's operations on our home.

Recycled water
I use harvested rainwater for around 90% of my cleaning. This is fully filtered, cleaned and de-ionised to ensure absolute purity when used.

Solar power
My mobile phone and water pump are recharged using solar panels.

My van
My van has ben re-tuned to reduce immissions and has a system installed to ensure less pollutants are released when it is started up.

Because I use de-ionised water, my use of chemicals is kept to an absolute minimum, detergents and cream cleaners are used rarely and sparingly.

All of this means that your property can be cleaned and you can have peace of mind.

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Gold Coast Window Cleaning's Green Credentials
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